Core Communities

Local Youth Community Engagement Program

APYD will partner with youth organizations in target communities to bring the online conference, OFFLINE, and increase community engagement on the conference topics.

  • In communities, youth will design a day of social media, webinars, livestreams and community activities to kick-off this year's conference.
  • Youth organizations outside the target communities can join in the conference day through the online workshops and live stream events.
  • Community partners will bring together groups of young people in their community to discuss youth issues and share best practices from a youth perspective.
  • A Youth Challenge(s) will be chosen by the APYDCON Core Community's Youth Leaders.
  • Youth Leaders will research and design a short workshop on a national issue  and how it impacts their community, youth and young adults.
  • APYD will provide support in designing youth workshops, developing strategy to address it and recruiting and engaging youth in Youth Day.
  • After an online workshop, local teams and community partners will discuss and work on their challenge and share their ideas and strategies in an online community discussion center and breakout online discussions.
  • Youth Leaders will host a Google+ Hangout sharing the issues, ideas and strategies that were developed by community partners across the country.
  • The schedule allows conversations to occur offline locally, online regionally and online nationally.