News for 2015 Conference

August 3, 2015
Online and Offline
Youth Community
Engagement Program

In up to five communities, youth will design a day of social media, webinars, livestreams and community activities to kick-off this year's conference. Community partners will bring together groups of young people in their community to discuss youth issues and share best practices from a youth perspective. Youth organizations outside the target communities can join in the conference day through the online workshops and live stream events. This kick-off will set the stage for the professional development topics in the remaining three days of the conference.

Youth Engagement Community was launched out of the 2013 Best Practices for Youth Conference. The APYD Youth 4 Change Day is a national online space for young people to connect, share, and address the issues that impact their lives. The event is scheduled for Monday, August 3rd, 2015 and will discuss "Broadening Our Perspectives in Diversity!" During this event youth throughout the U.S. will be working together to discuss and solve issues and challenges that young people face in their communities all around the United States and the world. Anyone can join us from any computer at home or at a local youth organization near you by registering and logging on through our website.