Alliance for Positive Youth Development

What is the APYD?

The Alliance for Positive Youth Development is a national platform that allows for networking and professional development for youth development professionals, ongoing assessment of youth needs and significant increased positive outcomes for youth led by The SISGI Group though 2024.

The outcomes of the APYD focus on developing a strategic platform to address the needs and development of young people. We are collecting and sharing best practices from across the country with parents, practitioners, community leaders, youth leaders, policymakers and educators.

The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and bring to scale, effective strategies for sustainable positive youth impacts that create a GOLDEN© generation.

We focus on 6 strategies of Youth Empowerment:

- Giving Back

- Open to differences

- Loving yourself unconditionally

D – Defending against oppression

E – Empowering yourself and others

N – Never Giving Up

You can connect with the Alliance for Positive Youth Development in a variety of ways:

Like the APYD  Facebook Page and Follow APYD on Twitter @ideas4youth to get up to the minute information.

APYD Information Video

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