2015 Best Practices for Youth Conference
August 3-6, 2015

A Unique Online and Offline Event

Coming to a computer screen or a city near you!

APYD Conference 2013 Information

2015 Conference Details
Youth Day Conference Kick-off - August 3, 2015
In up to five communities, youth will design a day of social media, webinars, livestreams and community activities to kick-off this year's conference. Community partners will bring together groups of young people in their community to discuss youth issues and share best practices from a youth perspective. Youth organizations outside the target communities can join in the conference day through the online workshops and live stream events. This kick-off will set the stage for the professional development topics in the remaining three days of the conference.

Professional Development Virtual Conference - August 4-6, 2015
The professional development portion of the conference will consist of 6 webinars offered during the week of August 6-8, 2013 accessible only by conference registrants.

Be a Community Partner
We're providing youth development organizations an opportunity to be part of designing an event in your own community that will feature live content from the conference as it happens.  In addition, we will provide the tools and training to your local staff, youth and/or facilitators to lead a great conference community event.

Community partners can host conference workshop “Watch and Engage Events” with community members, stakeholders or partners. They will receive a facilitators training if they register as a live host before July 22, a community partner facilitator’s guide and steps to make the conference topics connect to their local circumstances.

Interested in volunteering? Email us at: youthconference@sisgigroup.org.

Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@ideas4youth)  #APYDCON to find out when you can register and for more information.  

Missed the 2014 Conference? No problem! You can still join this great professional development opportunity that leverages technology and social media to share and connect with youth development professionals, educators and young people working on youth issues around the country. Gain access to all workshop recordings, events and ongoing networking with a 2013 Recording Pass.